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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  June 10, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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>> new details tonight about aym limousine that burst into flames over the weekend and the man who owns that company. good evening everyone. dan ashley has the night off. this is the second limousine fire in a month this time everyone made it out alive but there are questions about how many passengers were on board as well as questions about the owner of this company. john is live in the east bay with new dils on this story. john? >> carry lip, here at bay point short time ago we talked to one of the passengers who said the limo driver allowed more than the 8 passengers limit and we also learned of the criminal
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record and probation of the man who owns the limo company. when the limousine filled with u:u0@ 3 started to burp, care give tiffany jumped into action >> >> the first lady was sitting at the door took the see belt off pulled her out. next lady pulled her out. >>reporter: before she ought in the limo she was thinking about the limo fire on the san mateo bridge that killed 5 women last month. on sunday morning the women were about to leave ross moore in walnut creek to head to sonoma to celebrate the birthday of 90-year-old elaine. 96-year-old was the oldest passenger. >> all of a sudden she yells fire and you know, i captain tell you how fast 90-year-old ladies can get out of a limb seen but they d. >>reporter: everyone got out safely. the p uc says the town car was licensed to carry 8 passengers. but the women say there were 10 inside. >> they said that only 8 people
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are allowed to fit in the limo but when we did a head count and everything he said 10 is okay. so 9 of us in the back and the birthday girl sat in the front. >>reporter: this is limo drive who said this. >> yes. >> thank god my driver was wonderful. got everybody out e-the owner of town car sf provided abc 7 news with a keep of the initial rest vision for 8 passengers. abc 7 news has also learned that claudiaxd has been in trouble with the law before. court documents show he was cop convicted of making threats and passing a bad check in a dispute with gomez who ru runs another limo company in town. in 2010 gomez got restripping order after he and employee tried to collect an 1800 dollar debt from oliver a. >> the whole time cursing me and cross my way i'm going to do the same thing to you. i'm going to chop off your head. >>reporter: now the on his of the burned up limo facing an investigation and possible fines. abc 7 news.
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>> just 5 week ago limousine fare killed 5 women on the san mateo bridge. 4 of the friends escaped. the we learned last week that air springs in the vehicle suspension system ruptured. that triggered a series of events that sparked that deadly fire. >> new at 11:00. we have photo of the damage done when small get together in santa cruz couldn't blew up into a house party that caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage to a home. take a look at some of the photo from the home in the hills here. hope owner tells us the teenager daughter had a few friends over to watch a movie. one of them texted another friend saying the girls parents9ú!%> it wasn't the kid that came to just do the party with their friends. little high school kids. there were 2
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completely types of people here. the people that were in intentionally here to tear the place up. and then the people that were just here to have a drink away from their parents with their friends and party a little bit. >> it is so stupid to have the them. they always get broken up by the police. somebody always gets in trouble for it. never ends up good. >>reporter: officers arrested 18-year-old anthony of live oak as he was trying to leave the party. they say had he a rifle, shotgun and jewelry stolen from the house. no one else has been arrested for vandalism. 16-year-old accused of killing san jose paramedic during attempted carjacking in the oakland hills pleaded not guilty today. prosecutors are charging christian burt open as an adult. they say he thought quinn boyer as he sat in the car in april. in court today burton father says his son is being framed and has been bullied by other juveniles including 13-year-old also facing charges. fbi hazard a serial bank d@s=ber whose collar long sleeve
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shirt gave him the name button down bandit. the man has been accused of 8 east bay heist over the past if you most. latest robbery took place on saturday when authorities say he held up a wells fargo branch in lafayette. >> oakland new crime fighting strategy begins with repairing the relationship with the commy. looking to new graduate of the citizen police academy for hel help. interim chief is counting on them to help recruit the neighbors. graduates say building trust will be a challenge. >> the police, mayor everybody they need to follow it also. say transparent, be transparen transparent. >> it would be l wise to have some sort of community event or something that would draw the people and then you make your presentation. >>reporter: oakland recently named the commander of 5 new district all responsible for reducing crime in their own areas. new at 11:00 under staff
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antioch police departmenten listing the help of garbage collector and postal service to fight crimes. fewer officers on the street they want to train the people to report anything they feel is suspicious while working in the neighborhood. antioch has seen the crime rate jump following deep staffing cut to the police force. san francisco is suing 3 gun accessory company and one gun show promoter selling high capacity magazine disguised as repair kit. city tern announced the suit today. state has ban on selling the magazine but the repair kit can be easily assembled into the banned magazine. the company named in the suit are oregon base company and texas base and ohio base company. san francisco has also sued utah base again show promotion firm bnl production. >> governor brown and state lawmakers have reached a deal. the governor proposed a 96.4 billion dollar bump it
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last month. it's not clear yet how today's agreement difference from that proposal but the state is expected to have a surplus for the first time in yaevrms it's due in part to recent voter approved tax i hope creases. senate assembly still have to aparagraph the budget. >> dozens of small fire sparked by bay area lightning strike out tonight and this photo of lightning over vineyard in calistoga was e mailed in. we have another one to show you of the show in apartment i don't care. unusual phenomenon for the bay area. sandhya here now with live doppler 7hd and this has manufactured through has it notch it has than deed. things start to stabilize. show you live doppler 7hd and you will see what it looks like. we have clouds returning to the coast in the form of low cloud cover just an indication that things are quieting down. not the case. i take you become to midnight and watch the loop through time. all the way in 5:00 a.m. between midnight 5:00 a.m. the national weather service haas is estimating
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encloses to 500 lightning strike in the bay area and hundreds around the state. you look at the picture september by terri to you report she said this was a light show in her back yard in napa. incredible picturesñi coming in. love to sea your photo. send them to these sites. of course we'll share when we can tomorrow morning with includes and 50's and what changes coming later this week. >> thanks see you shortly. >> some america's cup fans eligible for refund for the grandstand tickets because theok swedish base racing team will not join the race until the second boat is ready. first boat capsized last month killing a crew member. preliminary racing begins july 7th with the first round of the cup race organizers will contact ticket buyers about this refund. >> man wanted for leaking classified u.s. documents is on the run. how more secret documents could come out over the next few weeks and months. that story ahead.
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>> also death by stiletto. woman accused of taking her boyfriend's life with the heel of a shoe. >> wine to make you blush. 20 >> wine to make you blush. 20 something wine ♪ ♪ so you can make easy, no-fee >reloads with cash and checks... something wine and know you're not on your own. so you can get the reloadable card that keeps up with you. chase liquid. so you can.
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>> 7 news wants to make your commute more bearable this commute more bearable this summer
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>> the journalist who exposed classified u.s. surveillance program claims to have more significant refuse litigations. within the past hour guardian reporter said more information is coming over the next several weeks and months. he says there are dozens of stories revealed in the leaked documents that still need to be investigated. now the man behind the leak edward snowden in hong kong seeking asylum. not clear where he is now. checked out of the hotel today. he could be ex from dieted to face charges in the u.s. new
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research poll release dad finds 56 percent of americans aparagraph of tracking phone calls to investigate terrorism. >> new at 11 houston woman in jail tonight accusesed of murdering college professor with a stiletto heel. police say anna used the heel to kill her boyfriend. university of houston professor anderson. she told officers she did it in self-defense when he began attacking her. andersont( suffered several blow to his head. prosecutors have charged her with murder. former secretary of state hillary clinton became a member of the twitter sphere today. she fired off the first tweet this morning from her account at hillary clinton. she thanks the co-creator of the blog text from hilary. she tweeted quote thanks for all the inspiration. i'll take it from here. gentleman apple lovers i-phone and i-pad will look radically different this fall. tim cook introduced new operating system at the conference today in san francisco. simplify feature
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from e-mail to the camera and in an effort to stop phone ç apple is including an activation lock that make the phone useless if tracking is deactivated or the phone is wiped clean exploratorium da george gas cone here this week to push the activation lock. he appreciated apple effort but reserve judgment on the feature until he reviews it. >> half of the robfully san frano by the way are cell phone relate. >> 6 months ago wayne profiled a couple of 20 something wine makers trying to make it big in a very traditional industry. as it turns out they get close ÷ untraditional marketing campaign. wayne back with look at the ad strategy some marketing people called soft porn. >> start up business never been more glamorous. at least in one busy corner of this evening baytor south of market. >> this is not. >> his father wanted him to do. master business partner
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brandon allen. >> normal start up company. >> smell that? >> in reality they are wine maker and marketers. 2 guys pushing a product at 20 something consumers. >> hi brandon from slow down wipe. >> thinks our wine called sexual chocolate. >> beginning with the name they have tested every traditional boundary and now they do it on the web. >> it goes great with. >> we just can't show you because what happens behind the red curtain too racey for television but not apparently the internet. >> it's equating wine with being naughty. >> dr. dean raider studies pop culture and runs the english ñ at usf and knows cutting em when he sees it in terms of image marketing and using the web to target demographic. >> trying to say wine is not just for everyone. it's for a new kind of consumer. younger, hiper, edge year, rule breaker. >> mike this is beau from slow
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down wine calling you regarding your shopping contact. >> success is one reason the real ones are so swamped right now. they don't really know how many hits they have received. certainly tens of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands. possibly even 1 million. >> web site crashed. >> crashed and burned. hard. >> all that extra work and from a semi x rated marketing campaign. >> we can't even show half the staff. >> can't show most of it. >>reporter: what is it like being a soft porn star. >> it's great. >>reporter: especiallyñi when they call awe genius for it. in san francisco, wayne, abc 7 news. >> all right we have a new abc 7 fuss smart phone app to keep you on top of the latest breaking news weather and traffic and you can use it to watch bricking news as it happens and check out the quirky stories to share with your friends. new app very easy to down load. go to our
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web site slash app for all the details. watch earlier newscast stream live on it and remember if you have our current app you do need to down load the new one. old one going away soon. web site abc 7 slash app. >> all right let's get a check of the forecast. lightning storms have moved out. sandhya is here with look at what's in store now. havnda much more stable atmosphere and of course that app is really cool by the way. just saw that shot. looks like you are right there and watching. it's really crystal clear. lots of weather information as well. not just locally and nationally from around the world. here's the low cloud cover along the coast line. radar not tracking any rain or thunder right now but i am watching some high clouds as i show you what is known as water vapor imagery. see the9 white areas here. this is just high clouds moving towards southern california and eventually could see few high
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clouds in the bay area as area of low pressure spinning to the south west. not expecting a repeat of what we saw overnight last night. view from the high definition roof top camera loo looking towards coyote tower beautiful view in san francisc francisco. 61 in san jose. from high definition emeryville camera no fog problems but certainly low clouds towards the coast. santa rose right now 57 degrees. 58 in livermore and 59 in union city. golden gate bridge tomorrow morning bridge deal with cloud cover. mostly cloudy for the morning. sunny milder tomorro tomorrow. we are lacking at warmer difficulties thursday and friday so let me show you what brought all the unstable weather. it's this area of low pressure just south west of the by area. moved in land. worked its way towards the sierra nevada which is why we saw all the lightning strike circulation around the low brought the moisture back towards our region last tonight and in this morning. but eights now long gone in nevada and another area of low pressure is developing. this
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is going to be sliding down and keeping news a cooler than average pattern for a couple more days. tonight at 11:00 p.m. cloud cover. head in the morning commute we certainly see it being614oñ gray first thg tomorrow morning. temperatures will be rising tomorrow. see a lieutenant more sun by the afternoon. few high clouds and numbers will rae respond. overnight temperatures in the 50's. first thing tomorrow morning you have to watch out for the cloud cover but extra layer will do as you head out the door in the morning. for the afternoon tuesday 79 degrees in morgan hill and south bay. 79 sap jose. 73 sunnyvale. 70 degrees santa cruz on the peninsula temperature quite mild. 70 san mateo. 72 palo alto, menlo park. low 60's along the coas coast. coastal area will come did you know a few degrees. we last the south wind that brought the warmthz qequ. dalyy 60 degrees. 64 downtown san francisco. away from the coast bay side inland you go up. 75 north bay santa rosa, 72 for
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san rafael. east bay oakland 69 and inland community you see the temperatures come up into the low 80's livermore fairfield absolutely a gorgeous day and here's a look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. just skip it. there it is. temperatures dip only to rise by thursday friday mid 80's menlo and cooler on satsd. sunday not much changed. >> pleasant week ahead for us thank you. >> larry is off. giants and a's but rick kwan is in. quiet night. bachelorett big night. >> fill us in. >> ryan should be ashame. he had a girlfriend. later i'll talk to you. catch up. in sports. giants and a's off today but still a chance to gain ground in division and nba finals in miami and hope to 
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>> it is not yet official but espn is reporting quarterback tim tebow will sign with new england anw֖ report for minicap tomorrow. former first round pick tebow mania took off two years ago when he led denver to t later traded to the jets and spent almost all of last season riding the benc bench. by signing with the patriots tebow is reunited with offensive coordinator josh mcdaniels who was the broncos head coach in 2011. >> well with fix 3 games scheduled for san antonio the spurs have good chance of taking control of the fba finals. san antonio was 35 and 6 at home during the regular season. defending champ miami even the series with great defense last tonight and balance offense. lebron jim's held to discuss 17 points but got a lot of help from his team mates. >> i think the support is why
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both teams are hereking impact all year long and they feel like they are supporting cast is better and wevl like ours is better but who goes out and do it every every nature to help steal a win. >> abc 7 news the home for the times. game 3 tomorrow tonight at 6:00 o'clock rate here on abc 7 followed by after the game. >> bay area native jason kidd goes from the front court to the head coaching job for the nets. they were led to the finals in both 2002 and 2003. giants and a's off today. tomorrow san francisco at pittsburgh while oakland plays host to the yankees. tonight the d backs dodgers top of the nine bounces up the middle with bases loaded. 2 runs score. arizona leading 5-4 in the bottom of the nine. dodgers
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runners at the corner with two out. gonzalez chop one back to the mound. drops it but still gets gonzalez. the diamondbacks hang on to inwith 5-4 and lead the giants by 2 games in the west. cleveland at texas. indian took the lead on bases loaded double by santana. clear the bases to try on top. go ahead in the seventh with the rangers. the 2 run shot. texas wins 6-3 and now lead the a's bay game in the al west. >> some say the cubs played like in a fog. tonight it was true. they lost to the red as phillips tried career high with 6 rbi. 4 coming on the grand slam in the 3rd inning. cincinnati the time. this live doppler 7hdñ brought by river rock casino. >> bachelor update. bachelorette update from you a bit later. >> brian is gone.
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♪ >> here's wake up weather. mostly cloudy skies. light breeze temperatures in the 50's first thing in the morning. mike here in the morning. >> thanks. >> blame your significant other if you can't get a good night sleep. from loud snoring to to tossing and turning we found that sharing a bed with someone else can be a root cause for why so many couple don't sleep well. quarter of couple admit they sleep in separate beds because of the interruption and may worse for women. research shows men are heavierg# sleepe. now you know. >> thanks for joining. 7 news continues tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30. always available at 7 and on twitter at abc


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